3 Essential Tips for Content Marketing Strategy

You must have heard the oft repeated statement that content is king. However, the biggest challenge lies in understanding what kind of content is successful and the frequency of posting the content. Though there is no defined number of posts or the type of content that is more popular, there are some general guidelines for your content to be more effective.

Write More Often

The simplest way of making content more popular is to write more often. However, you need do define the frequency of posting your content. According to a study, companies that post blogs at least 15 times a month, that is, every alternate day, get five times more traffic.  Adding a blog or two to what you currently post is important. Taking an incremental approach and defining a goal and sticking to it, maybe even a blog a week creates a better outreach.

Post Trending Content

Getting the right content in front of the right audience is important. You have to be listening to your industry to know the pulse of your audience. Use different monitoring tools like Google Trends and other social media to fish for what is trending. Create content around the hot topics so that it becomes a part of the news cycle and you can capture a share of the audience following the trending news. This will directly impact the social shares, likes, live interaction and impact your SEO.

Tailor Content for Your Audience

Nowadays, your audience is following different platforms to seek information. A single piece of information is not suitable for everyone. Ensure that your content is tailored to interact with different audience on different platforms. Some people may like to read the news in detail but others simply might like to read the crux of the information on a social media page or like to follow an infographic on Instagram. Maximize your reach by streamlining content for social media, email and newsletters to reach different people with the same news.

Maximize your reach by ensuring that your content is timely, useful and relevant. One simple rule is that the more content you create the better it is for improving your reach. Employ these tips and you should definitely see some immediate benefits.

It is essential to know that there are two basic rules for content marketing. The first rule is to create relevant content and the second rule is to distribute that content effectively.

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