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Introduction to Advanced Excel Training

Advanced Excel has significant advantage to the companies as it helps in storing, analyzing and comparing the information efficiently and effectively.

Many things can be done here such as: Automated data can be built; Products can be sort to perform text mining. One can apply VBA modelling for automating data cleaning and also, a dynamic sales dashboard can be built.

Some of main features are:

  • It gives an ease of using graphics and formulas
  • Tables are used in the presentation of reports, sales, and schedules.
  • Inserting table functions.
  • The auto format of reports.
  • Customized formatting of cells with the absolute reference; Date and time function; Logical functions; Statistical functions and other functions.
  • Lookup and Reference functions; Text functions and data validation; Pivot table; V Lookup and H Lookup.
  • Some advanced techniques are- array formulae, tables, functions and super powers, superior range names.

It is mainly designed for students who want to gain skills necessary for audit and analyze worksheet, to use pivot tables, utilize data tools, create and manage macros, collaborate with others and much more. Edit, format, organize and undo applications can also be used in Excel applications. The knowledge which advanced excel course provides is highly valuable for any working manager, student, executive, CEO, technical professionals. It’s a must know for any business as it is easy to follow, give you the results you desire, give you an advanced method in a way you can quickly use and adapt it.

Advanced excel course.

Advanced excel course provides information regarding technical areas Such as Statistical functions, mathematical, Data, time and year role, logical and looping functions, chart/graph techniques and so. Digication training institutes provide such courses to benefit data mining, sales marketing executive, entrepreneurs working professional and non-professionals. There is a huge demand for advanced excel executive in the market.

  • Problems with No-SQL Database
  • Introduction & Installation HIVE
  • Data Types & Introduction to SQL
  • Hive-SQL : DML & DDL
  • Hive-SQL : Views & Indexes
  • Hive User Defined Functions
  • Configuration to HBase
  • Hive Thrift Service
  • Introduction to HCatalog
  • Install and configure HCatalog services
As advance excel by Microsoft is used for personal as well as professional use for Reporting, analyzing data, graph presentation, data management, and inventory and much more. So people believe that training of advance excel to b costly but it’s not right, one can get it at nomina fee at Digication. Before doing the course, one needs to have knowledge of basic computer, MS Excel or MS Office.

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Just a single Advanced Excel training in delhi with Advanced Modules in Excel that will give you an in depth practical knowledge to enhance your skills and shape your corporate career.

What You Gain?

After successfully completing Advanced Excel courses you are capable for good package, as a fresher also there is a great scope of beginning your career in the field of Advanced Excel.

  • Open gates for multiple industries in Advanced Excel.
  • Get advantage of job opportunities in data management industry.
  • Skills and expertise for advanced career growth.
  • Better Career
  • Better Sallery
  • Big & Small Company hiring
  • Better job opportunities
  • Get great salary hikes with our advanced training and learning.
  • Track and measure your performance with 100% accuracy.
  • Advanced Excel is a dynamic field and shapes you as a better professional for working in future

Advance Excel Courses In Delhi

Digication developed the course with several advanced modules and concepts that guarantee the success of the participants. During the course, the students will learn basic and advanced features of the spreadsheet tool that includes using different functions such as Mathematical function, date and time function, logical function, lookup and reference function, text function and data validation. The participants will also gain essential knowledge on data analysis, pivot charts and tables, formulas, import and export of data, integration, VBA and Macros.

The following are the amenities available with us:

Digication provides spacious, comfortable and quality training facility located in west Janakpuri. Our institute is easily accessible by road and metro. (we are just 5 min from Janakpuri west metro station gate no 1.)

  • Multiple training rooms
  • Projector in each lab.
  • Meeting room/Conference room.
  • Full air-conditioned room.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled room.
  • Our trainers are certified, globally recognized industry experts who are committed to your success.

Who Can Join Course Of Advanced Excel Training?

An professional & non-professional and an analytics expert has more chances of going for Advanced Excel Training in delhi certified course. The Advanced Excel professionals are high on demand. If you think, you can join Advanced Excel training in Delhi then visit Digication in Janakpuri to apply.

Where Can You Start Your Career In Advanced Excel?

Advanced Excel is an in-demand course to grab jobs in leading MNC’s. Companies like- Aureus Analytics, C360, Metaome, Heckyl, Flutura, Sigmoid Analytics, Indix, Germin8, Bridgei2i, PromptCloud, Fractal Analytics, and many other leading companies offer great career in Advanced Excel. Apart from jobs, free spirited people can earn handsome good from freelancing.

How much salary can you get after joining professional Advanced Excel course?

The Salary you draw totally depends on your hard work and skills. Here at Digication we guarantee you to enhance your skills and make you one step ahead of the market experts. The minimum starting salary for a fresher can be anywhere around 25000 and the maximum limit depends on the skills of cracking the interview. Digication teaches you to be the best and draw the maximum salary from the employer just based on your performance.


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