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BAT (Business Accounting and Taxation) Training in Delhi with Advanced Modules

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ERP Basic

Quick Book

Advanced Excel



Finance & Accounts (32 HRS)

  • Reviewing Accounting Concepts.
  • Preparation of Chart of Accounts.
  • Sales and Accounts Receivables.
  • Purchases and Accounts Payables.
  • Debit Notes and Credit Notes.
  • Expenses and Expense Payables.
  • Bank Reconciliation Statements.
  • Accounting for Stock.
  • Accounting for Fixed Assets.
  • Bab debt adjustment.
  • Journal Entries.
  • Financial: Closing/Adjustment Entries including.
  • Provisions.

8 Hrs Video Lectures on all above-mentioned topics.

Live Project and Presentation on Accounts.

  • Introduction to Service Tax.
  • Computation of Service Tax - Output.
  • Computation of Service Tax - Input.
  • Payment of Service Tax.
  • Filing of Service Tax Return.
  • The concept of Value Added Tax (VAT) and CST.
  • Computation of VAT and CST Liability.
  • Payment of VAT and CST.
  • Filing of VAT and CST Return.
  • Central Excise Computation.
  • Documentation on Excise.
  • Computation of Excise Liability.
  • Payment of Excise Duty.
  • Filing of Excise Return.
  • Introduction to GST.
  • GST Practicals.
  • Run sample jobs in BAT single and multi-node clusters.
  • Income Tax Calculation.
  • Provision for Income Taxes.
  • Payment of Income Tax.
  • Electronic payment of TDS and Taxes.
  • Electronic Filing of TDS Return.
  • TDS justification Reports.
  • Downloading of TDS Certificate.
  • Live Project and Presentation on Taxation.
  • EPF computation.
  • Payment of EPF liability.
  • Filing of PF Return.
  • ESIC computation.
  • Payment of ESIC liability.
  • Filing of ESIC Return.
  • Professor Tax computation.
  • Payment of Profession Tax liability.
  • Filing of Profession Tax Return.
  • Uses and Importance of Financial Statements.
  • The format of Financial Statements.
  • Preparation of Trial Balance.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements with Notes & Schedules.
  • Best Practices in Auditing.

ERP Modules (28 Hrs)

  • Hands-on Training on Account Payable and Account Receivable.
  • Setting up a Purchase & Sales Process.
  • Vendor & Customer Management.
  • Cash & Credit Management.
  • Liquidity Management.
  • Delivery and Invoice Management.

Live Project and Presentation on ERP

  • Understand QuickBooks' Features and Benefits.
  • Assignments Using QuickBooks Online Accounting Software.
  • Performing Everyday Tasks like Invoicing, Bookkeeping.
  • Billing in Quickbook.
  • Creating and managing Invoices.
  • Video Lecture - 1.5 Hrs.
  • Getting Started on Quick Book.
  • Setting-up Company.
  • Manage Users.
  • Budgeting.
  • Importing Data.
  • Setting-up and Managing VAT.
  • How to Navigate Accounting Tools.
  • Linking Bank Accounts to QuickBooks.
  • Managing Transactions.
  • Reconciling Bank Accounts.
  • Reporting & Troubleshooting.
  • Microsoft Excel for Effective MIS Reporting.
  • Pivot Functions --- Lookup Functions.
  • Logical Functions --- Generating Aging Reports.
  • Video Lecture - 4 Hrs.
  • Basic Excel Shortcuts and Functions.
  • Advance Accounting Training on Excel
  • Deferred Taxes --- Amortization and Goodwill.
  • Inventory Accounting --- Profit and Loss Modeling.
  • Personal Interview & Presentation.
  • Test and Viva on each of the modules mentioned above.
  • Live Project and Presentation on Financial Analysis.

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Just a single BAT training in delhi with 9 Modules in BAT that will give you an in depth practical knowledge to enhance your skills and shape your corporate career.

What You Gain?

After successfully completing BAT courses you are capable for good package, as a fresher also there is a great scope of beginning your career in the field of BAT.

  • Open gates for multiple industries in BAT.
  • Get advantage of job opportunities in FINANCE & ACCOUNTS.
  • Skills and expertise for advanced career growth.
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  • Get great salary hikes with our advanced training and learning.
  • Track and measure your performance with 100% accuracy.
  • BAT is a dynamic field and shapes you as a better professional for working in future

Eligibility of BAT Courses In Delhi

BAT Course is an advanced training program for IT professionals to learn the art of compiling big data’s. The training at Digication is designed with the help of professional counsellors to impart best possible knowledge. We have designed 25 modules of BAT so that, you can understand all things very properly and practically. BAT is a strategic and practical based work. You need to have a clear understanding of all the aspects of BAT certification classes to stand out in the market.

The following are the amenities available with us:

Digication provides spacious, comfortable and quality training facility located in west Janakpuri. Our institute is easily accessible by road and metro. (we are just 5 min from Janakpuri west metro station gate no 1.)

  • Multiple training rooms
  • Projector in each lab.
  • Meeting room/Conference room.
  • Full air-conditioned room.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled room.
  • Our trainers are certified, globally recognized industry experts who are committed to your success.

Who Can Join Course Of BAT Training?

An IT professional and an analytics expert has more chances of going for Big BAT courses and BAT Training in delhi certified course. The BAT professionals are high on demand. If you think, you can join BAT training in Delhi then visit Digication in Janakpuri to apply.

Where Can You Start Your Career in BAT?

BAT is an in-demand course to grab jobs in leading MNC’s. Companies like- CONVERGES, KPMC, PWC, WNS, GENPACT, EY, ACCENTURES and many other leading companies offer great career in BAT. Apart from jobs, free spirited people can earn handsome good from freelancing.

How much salary can you get after joining professional BAT course?

The Salary you draw totally depends on your hard work and skills. Here at Digication we guarantee you to enhance your skills and make you one step ahead of the market experts. The minimum starting salary for a fresher can be anywhere around 20000 and the maximum limit depends on the skills of cracking the interview. Digication teaches you to be the best and draw the maximum salary from the employer just based on your performance.


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